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May 11, 2010

Silver Charms And Bracelets | Gifts Ideas For Babies

The perfect baby gift can be a bit challenging to find, however there are options that you may not have considered. One option for a baby girl that is sure to be a hit is a collection of silver charms and a fine, appropriately sized charm bracelet. The silver charms on the bracelet can be smaller and all baby themed, perfect as a cut addition to any little girl's jewelry collection.

There are a few things that you will need to keep in mind when selecting charm bracelets and collections of silver charms for a little girl. The first thing is to look for a delicate and fine type of bracelet as a heavy link will look out of place on a baby, infant and toddler.

The style of silver charm bracelet can range from a single style of link through to the more ornate double or triple link styles. Look for bracelets that have a spring ring or lobster clasp so the bracelet size can be adjusted for safety.

Perhaps the very best option of all types of charms are those made out of sterling silver. Charms made from this metal will not tarnish and can be easily cleaned with soap and warm water if they do get into something that needs to be removed. These silver charms can also be easily polished with a soft cloth, keeping them brilliant between and during use.

Choosing the specific types of silver charms for a baby is really very personal. Don't forget that there are charms that can be used to represent Mom and Dad as well, and including the whole family in charms is a truly meaningful gift.

Popular baby themed silver charms can include rattles, baby bottles, pacifiers, high chairs, strollers and even little diaper charms. Of course charms of babies are also a great idea and can be found in many different styles and types.

Keeping the zodiac and birthstones in mind, silver charms that include the month or date of the child's birth are great additions. With the birthstones you can add a lot of color to the bracelet plus they are charms can be very traditional or modern in design.

Other options for silver charms or charms of any metal for a baby's bracelet include crosses, guardian angel charms, initials and flat disc styles of charms with baby's name, date of birth and a personal message to the child.

Finding baby themed charms is a great way to get started shopping early for the shower gift. In order to keep the silver charms safely secured on the bracelet it is important to have them soldered, don't use other types of clasps that may allow the charm to become disconnected from the bracelet. This will ensure that no charms are lost plus the baby will stay very safe when wearing the lovely bracelet.