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Feb 8, 2011

2011 Jewelry Trends Are Sizzling Hot

Although the year is still very young, the 2011 jewelry trends are sizzling hot. So if you have been out of the loop for a while you might want to learn more about them. Many of the past styles are still in fashion while others are gaining interest with the trendsetting community. 2010 may be gone but there is a change in the environment that you will not want to miss when you want to be fashionable for this New Year.

Remember that all the hottest trends begin with the basics. Jewelry and jewelry accessories have a big influence when it involves making or breaking any piece of wardrobe you might choose to wear. Do not miss out on the hottest jewelry items that are trending at this moment. This short list will be helpful to you while choosing the jewelry you will wear this year.

One of the hottest items you can wear today is a big and bold chain necklace. You will notice them everywhere this year whether they are warm glowing gold or rose or soft cool silver, since they are so stylish. They will be trending wildly this year from winter and into the hot summer months of 2011. Big and bold is definitely the way to go when it comes to jewelry fashion trends.

Mixing old and new fashions is trending as well when you consider the combinations you can create while wearing vintage and antiques with the fashions of today. Get the best of both worlds and start your own fashion statement.

As always the hottest of the hottest in fashion and styles will be found while paying attention to the celebrities. Many are sporting multimedia ornamental pendants. The hottest jewelry items may be those that include anything from sticks, stones and recycled materials. These styles are environmentally healthy as well as fashionable. So pay attention to them and then incorporate the trends into your own wardrobe.

Rising in popularity with many trendsetters in 2011 are the natural tribal pieces. They feature distinctive designs that are terribly impressive when it involves fashion choices whether you prefer warm or cool color combinations. Watch for items that are made of natural stones with clever yet beautiful details.

One of the most popular jewelry choices is one that has been in fashion for centuries. These items include charms and charm bracelets and they are rising in popularity today, even now. They can compliment any piece of wardrobe whether it is casual or formal. Pay attention and you will notice these items are hot and trendy. They are unique and beautiful and will not cost an arm and a leg to possess. You can customize them to suit any occasion, thought or feeling and they are excellent for expressing the inner you. Adding different charms can compliment the way you feel and the clothes you wear. They are available in styles and designs that are suitable for both men and women.

Choose styles and designs that suit you the best and then personalize your choices by the types of outfits you wear whether they are casual or formal. Customize your jewelry by adding various charms to your bracelet. However, the most important thing when it comes to being fashionable is to love yourself and enjoy what you are doing as well as what you wear.

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